Becky Howlett, Esq.

Becky Howlett is an attorney, legal educator, and certified contemplative practices teacher committed to promoting well-being in the legal field and beyond. Becky’s attorney-wellness advocacy began after struggling with
depression, anxiety, and burnout as a law student and practicing attorney. In the spring of 2020, she co-founded to help legal advocates effectively manage stress, cultivate healthy work environments, and prevent

As Director of Attorney Well-Being, Becky has led live meditations for over 1600 attorneys in the United States and Canada. Becky’s legal experience and expertise emphasizes aware communication and relationship building, including delivering educational seminars and trainings re: cultural competency and implicit bias. She has worked in national non-profits, “Big Law,” outside counsel to an Indian tribal government, and as a solo practitioner.
Becky began studying to become a meditation instructor in April 2019. Throughout her training, she volunteered as a meditation liaison leading weekly guided mindfulness exercises for law students and attorneys. After a year and a half, Becky received her instructor certification after completing a total of 550 hours of training and study. Becky is formally certified to teach a variety of contemplative practices, including mindfulness meditation, breathwork, qigong, and many other evidence-based techniques.

Becky lives in Kansas City where she loves staying active, including biking, singing, and spending time in nature. She identifies as queer and non-binary.

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