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Charitable Trusts (On-Demand)

There are several options for charitable giving through trusts. In this one-hour webinar, you will learn about each one individually with specific examples. Mr. DePinto

Common Legal Landmines of Startups and Emerging Companies (On-Demand)

The course will explore the common legal issues that need to be addressed by Startups and Emerging Companies. The failure to address these basic issues can severely undermine the ability for a company to raise financing and attract investors, undermine valuation, result in termination of a deal or even cause the failure of the business. A company should be prepared to conduct its owns internal review, with the understanding that “doing due diligence on yourself before it is done on you” provides the opportunity to discover and rectify potential issues before they either put the business at risk or jeopardize a financing or M&A opportunity.


Topics covered include the following key areas that all companies need to address:

  1. Proper corporate structuring
  2. Founder agreements
  3. Protection of intellectual property
  4. Employment issues
  5. Terms of use, privacy and other standard corporate policies
  6. Adding partners and structuring equity incentive plans
  7. Basic contracts required by businesses.


Jeffrey W. Berkman, Esq., LL.M.