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LawpracticeCLE delivers timely, relevant course content that expands your knowledge base. With nearly 250 courses added to our catalog each year, you can learn at your own pace in any of your favorite places.

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"My Experience with LawPracticeCLE . . ."

There’s nothing like hearing it straight from the lawyer’s mouth.
Here are several testimonials from recent LawpracticeCLE speakers and customers telling it like it is.

LawPracticeCLE is one-stop shopping for CLE topics on anything that a practitioner could possibly need. Logan and her team are dedicated to producing the highest quality content, delivered in an easy-to-use format. They are responsive and pleasant to work with and offer practical, helpful seminars. LawPracticeCLE can not only help fulfill CLE requirements, but it also can improve users’ skills and understanding of even the most complex areas of the law. For beginners, veterans, or anyone in between, LawPracticeCLE delivers what busy professionals need to stay current!

Mary A. Akkerman, Partner
Davenport, Evans, Hurwitz & Smith

LawPracticeCLE is a go-to resource for continuing legal education. They feature world-class speakers presenting on topics at the forefront of the legal industry. LawPracticeCLE provides a phenomenal training experience paired with tremendous customer service. I am proud to partner with the LawPracticeCLE team and highly recommend them for all attorneys, paralegals, and other business professionals.

Gregory Nielson, President and CEO
Nielsen Training & Consulting

I have had the pleasure of working with Logan Hamm of LawPracticeCLE for many years. Logan is very passionate about her business and strives to provide innovative and quality seminars for attorneys in all 50 states. Logan’s goal has always been to provide seminars that will actually enhance an attorney’s practice. These seminars are taught by attorneys that are personally selected by Logan and her staff and vetted to be experts on their speaking topic. Many of these seminars include informative handouts and even some practical forms to assist the attorneys. As both a speaker and a LawPracticeCLE user, I can attest to how these seminars have helped me in my own practice. I like taking seminars on topics that I am interested in but don’t know much about and, with LawPracticeCLE’s wide range of topics, it has always been fun to pick something out to explore and learn.

Kelly M. Davis, Principal Attorney
Kelly M. Davis & Associates

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